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@cnhphotography The Creators Bundle (FREE PRESET PACK INCLUDED)

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This tutorial (2) and preset bundle is for those who are looking to level up their editing! I do a complete step-by-step walkthrough on how I edit all of my Instagram portrait work. We are going to be using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop, prior knowledge is useful but it is not necessary.

What’s Included:

* 2 Video tutorials that showcase my editing process/techniques from start to finish

* 2 RAW files so you can follow along with me (please note that this is just for the tutorial, you may not post the image anywhere online)

* A Frequency Separation action to make your skin retouching workflow faster.

* 8 of my most highly used Lightroom/ACR presets. They give very vivid/moody/fashion tones while still keeping the skin tones intact. The preset names are inspired by people that have pushed me creatively. Please keep in mind that all of the photos were shot in different lighting/setups so the presets will most likely need to be tweaked (exposure, white balance etc) to fit your image.

What’s Covered:

* How to color grade images in Lightroom using different adjustment panels

* How to get rid of skin inconsistencies and make the skin tone even using Frequency Separation

* How to Hack the Instagram Crop and make images fit the frame  

* How to Dodge/Burn to add more dimension to the photo and make it pop

* How to use Selective Color & Camera Raw to add a unique color story

* How to use adjustment layers to emphasize light/shadow & color

* How to save & sharpen your image for Instagram

* How to make eyes pop

* and much more!

** Please note that all sales are final/non-refundable due to that fact that this is a digital product**

This tutorial is intended for your own personal use and should not be shared on any website/platform.

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(2) Video tutorials (2) RAW files (1) Frequency Separation (8) Color Presets

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@cnhphotography The Creators Bundle (FREE PRESET PACK INCLUDED)

3 ratings
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